European Commission Risk Framework for Artificial Intelligence


Reading Time: 3 minutes The European Commission has delivered a new risk-assessment framework for trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can be accessed online, which provides a framework for developers and programmers for building future AI.

Check out this latest ‘Brief’ which looks at the main aspects of the European Commission’s framework, outlining its key features whilst also bringing in some analysis from recent developments in tech. […]

A match burning with fire

The ‘Notre-Dame tipping point’ – A study of key events in Biotechnology, what it means to be alive and whether things will actually ever be the same once the ‘fire’ has passed

Reading Time: 4 minutes Break through developments in Biotechnology concerning the recent restoration of ‘pig brains’ at Yale and the growth of organic robots at Cornell suggest that what it means to be ‘alive’ and human might not be as clearly cut out as first thought. This ‘brief’ delves into the studies placing them into their legal and social contexts whilst providing perspective on the difficult questions and issues they also raise.

Dangerous slippery slopes (liability)

Why UK Road Traffic Law needs to be modernized before self-driving cars hit the roads – or us.

Reading Time: 3 minutes This latest article takes a look at current UK road traffic law and examines its suitability for regulating vehicle accidents involving self-driving vehicles. But notably whilst the law has traditionally been focused on placing liability on human ‘drivers’ who have until recently been at the heart of most road traffic accidents, would it still be right or even fair to argue the same in light of the growing capabilities of highly autonomous self-driving vehicles? […]